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Official sites

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Sims sites

Norwegian sims sites

Tools and tutorials

Lissa Explains
it All Make and Share Jigsaw Puzzles

The Webmaster and creator of the excellent program Sims Object ID (, the site is down) has given permission that his program is available for download here at Troll Sims Site. See my tutorial section for information on how to use the program (in Norwegian and English).
Go to page Extra to download program.

Tutorials published here on Troll Sims. :)

Don't forget to visit The Official The Sims for more programs and tools, they are located under 'Make cool stuff', the program I use most is FileCop and the tool HomeCrafter. :)

Sim Castles tutorials :)
Simfreaks (directly to tips on z.buffers)

... go here for more links:

Big thanks to Sim-Finder 2000 for the nice mention ( site is closed).

Big thanks to Sims Showcase. :)
SimHoo! The Web's Largest Directory of 
SiMS Sites! Big thanks to Simhoo! for the nice mention. :)
moonsims Big thanks to Moon Sims for the nice mention. :)


Not sims related

A web-site I made for my brother.

Billig webhotell og domene TrollSims is hosted by Pro ISP.


All the downloads on this site is made with self-extracting exe.files, this mean that you do not need a zip - program to unzip them.

OBS! For å unngå mailer fra engelske brukere har jeg benyttet 'Program Files' i self-extracting linken, bytt det ut med 'Programfiler' før du klikker ok så legger objektet som du har lastet ned seg i riktig folder. :)

Please do not take any of the downloads and put on another site.

31. January 2002 Troll

My first webpage!

Some see at the sky after shining rocks, others after UFO's.

Have fun downloading and playing the fabulous game The Sims