Here you find gifts.
Her finner du gaver.


This page contains gifts resieved from friends and some Outlook Express Stationarys that I've made.
Denne siden består av gaver som jeg har mottatt fra venner og noen e-mail bakgrunner jeg har laget.


This lovely yellow bath set is a gift from B.B.B.
Click here to download the walls and here to download the floor.
Click on picture to download: column, counter, medicinecabinet, shower, sink and tub.
Again thank you so very much B.B.B.!


This Living Large/Livin' it Up rug is hacked by B.B.B. the Webmaster of , the rug now has exactly 4 views instead of 2! LL has some nice rugs, but all have a front and back view. Meaning the other two rotations are made by mirroring those two views. He has added two more views! Now the LL rug will have the basic ne, nw, se and sw rotations to obtain a very high quality of the object.

He has given permission for recolouring the rug, I am sure he would appreciate a link back to his site if you use his base though.
Click on picture to download the rug.
Thank you so very much B.B.B.!



These lovely skins of Doug and Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini and Kevin James) from the TV series "KING OF QUEENS" are a gift from Macif.
Click here to download Doug and here to download Carrie.

Thank you so much Macif!

Carrie's body mesh was created by Mixx at Jeannie's Bottle of Sims, head by: Fionn at Simfreaks.
Doug body mesh was originally from Jerome at Simfreaks, head mesh by Macif based on Jeromes's biker head.
Skins and textures by: Macif. All files included - OBS! in .zip format and not .exe.


Outlook Express Stationary

Here are some stationarys I've made that you can use when sending e-mails.
I have set the .exe files to go to:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery
please read here if you must place it in another directory and don't know how to change the route in .exe files. Enjoy!

Her er noen meldingsbakgrunner jeg har laget som du kan bruke når du sender e-mailer.
OBS! Jeg har kodet .exe filene for å gå til den engelske PC versjonen, du må derfor endre til:
C:\Program Filer\Fellesfiler\Microsoft Shared\Meldingsbakgrunn
før du klikker på extract knappen i .exe filen. Vennligst les her dersom du er usikker på hvordan dette gjøres. God fornøyelse!

Click on picture to download.
Klikk på bilde for å laste ned.

How to use e-mail background:
Create a new message - select the format option - apply stationary - picture - scroll down and click ok.

Hvordan bruke e-mailbakgrunn:
Lag en ny mail - velg format - bakgrunn - bilde - bla igjennom og klikk ok.

All the downloads on this site is made with self-extracting exe.files, this mean that you do not need a zip - program to unzip them.

OBS! For å unngå mailer fra engelske brukere har jeg benyttet 'Program Files' i self-extracting linken, bytt det ut med 'Programfiler' før du klikker ok så legger objektet som du har lastet ned seg i riktig folder. :)

Please do not take any of the downloads and put on another site.

31. January 2002 Troll